MyMailit Review and Exclusive software bonus

Email marketing is the soul of every business now. Once you have your customers or visitors email, you can market to them regularly which is good source of recuring income. Here is where comes this Mymailit review. A completely honest and unbiased review and comparison with all other alternatives.

Mymailit is a cloud-based email marketing platform you can use to generate leads and send broadcast emails including scheduled emails and sequences.

If you are a blogger, marketer or a have a business online, you need an email marketing software. Email is the best source of generating revenue for your existing subscribers and customers. If you are generating revenue by using Facebook and other social media, change your priority now to collecting leads. You never know when Facebook might block you.

Other email marketing programs like Aweber and MailChimp have tons of features that you wont be using but paying for.

How is Mymailit different? It has all the essential features that you need and no additional features that will overwhelm you.

Mymailit Review:

Unlimited everything:

You can have unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers on each list, send unlimited emails, schedule unlimited emails, and create unlimited automated sequences

How is all the unlimited possible? I explained all about how the pricing works below. Read along. There is a cool infographic and stats to explain how you can save by using Mymailit.

Collect leads using Form Builder and templates:

mymailit form builder

Now all this wouldn't be of much use if you are not able to collect leads. This is where the form builder helps. You can create as many forms as you want or customize one of the many form templates to create your own.

You will get a unique code that you can just copy paste to embed it anywhere on your website.

You can even start a sequence when a lead is collected through a particular form and the lead will get emails automatically as per the sequence.

Statistics and Reporting:

mymailit statistics report

Once you send an email or automate a sequence to your subscribers, it's crucial to understand how they are performing.

You get statistics and analytics on opens, clicks, unsubscribes and many other for each campaign and sequence. Using these you can optimize your emails to perform better.


Once you create an email sequence it is sent out automatically to every subscriber on scheduled time periods. For example, you can make a sequence to send out a welcome email to a subscriber on their first day and another email after three days.

The sequence is a great feature you can use to train your leads to your branding.

Schedule emails:

You can schedule emails to be sent on a specific date and time to your subscribers. Which mean you can plan ahead and schedule it to send a special christmas greetings email with a discount coupon to your subscriber list when you are celebrating Christmas!

Cloud Based:

Mymailit is in the cloud. Which means you can access it from any device and use it. If you don't know already there are cloud based software that you have to install on your own server, configure its settings to optimal performance, secure it and update it regularly to get access to the new features.

This is a complete management free app. All the above is taken care of by mymailit and you get access to new features instantly when they are released.

One Time Pricing:

Unlike Aweber and MailChimp, you don't need to pay monthly. For a one time price, you can get Mymailit forever. How does this work? Simple. You use SMTP providers like Amazon SES to send the emails using Mymailit. The resulting cost is less than 95% of your regular email marketing expenditure.

Here is an infographic that explains how much you can save when using Mymailit. 

And the infographic doesn't include the fact that you can use free SMTP providers that let you send email every month for free. Which means you wont even need to pay for this!

Buy Mymailit using the link below and get a special bonus.

MyMailit Review and Exclusive software bonus 1

Additional Info:

The price keeps increasing every few hours and by the end of the launch it will be higher. So grab it quick and you can be assured as it has a 14 day refund policy and Brett is a trusted marketer.


FE: The front end product price is $97

OTO1: Pro access which gives additonal features like faster sending rate and myMailit branding removal is at $67


Purchase from this affiliate link and you will get a special bonus worth $149 for free. Firetimer lets you place timers in your email, on website and also create landing pages for you. Timers create an urgency in your offer and increase conversions. The timers also show statistics for each.

This gives super powers to mymailit. The bonus gives you lifetime access to the app.

Fire timer bonus

MyMailit Review and Exclusive software bonus 1

P.S you have a 14 day money back guarantee period if you dont like it


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