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ConvertBox review and DemoConvertBox Review and Demo

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing channels for any online business or website. Having an email list and subscriber base means, you can market your products and generate recurring revenue. However collecting leads is no joke as almost every website now has popups. And most visitors are now habituated to closing popups as soon as they come up without even taking a look.

How do we generate when visitors are not even looking at our popups?

This is where ConvertBox made its mark. Not only does it allow us to create multiple types of forms, but we can also create advanced targeting rules that only shows the popups to specific visitors. For example, you can create a convertbox that popups when a visitor who has come from facebook, browsed our website for more than 3 minutes and added a product to cart but is about to leave. The exit intent triggers and you can show a special 10% discount code for Facebook visitors.

In this example, Convertbox helped make a sale at the right moment.

Another example would be showing a bar to mobile users who visited your website multiple times with link to download your app from the playstore or direct them to a webpage where you provide more information on the the mobile app

Convertbox is more than a just lead generation tool, it can be used for targeting specific users, segmenting the taregeted users, creating urgency using timers and much more. We can easily create targeted sequences to get more sales from your existing visitors and new visitors.

See a quick example of what it can do here. Click on this link to view the demo on a different page

Check out this small demo video where I show how easy it is to create a convertbox and the powerful customization and targeting options

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