Brightworm aims to bring honest reviews of Internet marketing tools and training.

The internet marketing niche is filled with fake reviews of products that disappear after the launch.

Product creators launching product after product, without updating the earlier ones with bugs.

Products cloned from old, outdated scripts and launched as the latest software that has been making them money all along.

Affiliate marketers ‘reviewing' and promoting even the worst products.
Product creators valuing products on feature basis at $5000-10000 and then selling at $37.

Giving bonuses of software and books worth thousands for a mere $9 product(Sarcastic!)

While these are considered marketing tactics to make money by giving value, there are questions that need to be asked and answered.

Aren't there better marketing ways to make money? Especially considering that ‘we are internet marketers', can we not do better than that?

Disclaimer: I do not have this opinion of all internet marketers. There are but few marketers that I follow and trust.

Brightworm aims to bring honest reviews. If I don't like a software, I say that exactly and maybe suggest better alternatives. I won't even use any affiliate links in such case.